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African Cuisine Safari



Welcome to your unique African Culinary Adventure!

Join us on a unique culinary Adventure through Southern Africa. So much can be gleaned from a culture and country by its cuisine. South Africa is a melting pot of culture, people and traditions. Known affectionately as the Rainbow Nation, South Africa has something to offer everyone. The majority of traditional cuisine in South Africa is "home-style cooking" with recipes being passed down from generation to generation. 

This journey takes you into the heart of Soweto, where you will spend some time "living like a local" where you safely walk through the historic sites at the Apartheid Museum, Hector Pieterse Museum and onto Vilakazi Street, the only street in the world to house two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates as you dine curbside on traditional Zulu and Sotho fare. Move onto Cape Town which has long been considered a gourmet capital, where Cape Malay Cuisine and Fine dining find a perfect fusion, paired with exceptional wines, beers and artisanal gins.

The Cape Malay people play a vital part in the early history of the Cape. in the 1600's the Dutch East India Company brought slaves to Cape Town, mainly from Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India. These groups brought with them their knowledge of cooking with foreign spices, and as a result Cape Malay Cuisine is now much sought after by anyone visiting the region. 

The Cape Winelands, and Franschhoek specifically have been hailed as the gourmet Capital of Southern Africa, with incredible restaurants, breath-taking scenery and spectacular wines.

Moving north into the Greater Kruger National Park, we find Shangaan, Tsonga and Venda Cultures, each with their own traditions. Here you will get the chance to not only sample some great traditional South African cuisine, but also spend time with the chefs, learning to make things like mielie pap (ground maize Meal porridge that is a staple throughout Africa) Smoor (a tomato and onion relish to accompany the pap) and even potjiekos - literally translated as pot food, cooked in a three legged cast iron pot over an open fire.

In Mozambique, we move towards a greater influence by the Portuguese people, with piri piri, fresh seafood, and even R&R a local favourite beverage made with Tipo Tinto Rum and Raspberry.

Each destination unveils its own culture, traditions and a universal language that brings us all together - good food


  • Fine Dining experiences in Johannesburg & Cape Town's top Restaurants

  • Historic Cape Town City Tour with Martin & Marco

  • Sampling the best wines from the Magnificent Cape Winelands

  • Privately Guided Safari in the Manyeleti Game Reserve

  • Open Fire cooking classes on Safari

  • Cuisine Culture of Mozambique 

  • Sunset Dhow cruise

  • Full day Private Catamaran Charter