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Africa's best kept Secret

The Magic of the Secret Season

Ten percent of the country is protected by National Parks and Game Reserves; Mosi oa Tunya National Park at Victoria Falls, the floodplains of the Kafue, the Lower Zambezi National Park on the mighty Zambezi and the remote, unspoiled Luangwa Valley are home to a huge concentration of predators and other game species.


Canoeing on the great Zambezi River is one of Africa’s most unique experiences. Drift with the current, watching the bird life on the shore. Swish past pods of hippos and relax as the canoe allows you to view Africa in possibly the most non-invasive way possible. No previous canoeing skill is necessary as your fully trained professional guide takes good care of you. Walk among Africa’s big and small game in an untamed area, with the security of an expert naturalist and armed guard. This form of safari dramatically heightens the senses and creates exciting experiences not possible in a vehicle. Remote tented camps and luxurious lodges will complement the spectacular experiences on the Zambezi, and game drives and walking safaris will complete this amazing trip. Your Zambia safari will be a once in a lifetime experience! From a vehicle you can see Africa - On foot you will feel, hear and smell Africa.



Zambia is perhaps Southern Africa's best kept secret, but it is increasingly becoming a known secret in recent years. Traditionally, Botswana and South Africa have been two of the region's most popular wildlife and safari destinations. However, Zambia is fast becoming an excellent alternative for a variety of wildlife encounters. 

Despite being known for the stunning Victoria Falls, the entire country has an incredible variety of topography and habitats, which combined with the tropical climate make it the ideal safari holiday destination for enthusiasts looking for a truly African experience. Over a third of the country is protected within wildlife management areas in Zambia's 20 national parks.

  • Experience South Luangwa on a guided walking safari. An incredible opportunity to experience this pristine wilderness up close.


  • The Busanga Plains are Zambia's most significant wetlands and the best place to see wildlife. Predators include wild dogs, lion prides and cheetah.


  • Kafue National Park is one of the largest and least visited national parks in Zambia.
    This region is still incredibly wild and there are only a few luxury tented camps


  • Kasanka National Park hosts 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats every year.
    It is known as the largest mammal migration in the world! OMG!


  • Lower Zambezi is a stunning reserve that runs along the wide, blue Zambezi River.
    We offer canoe safaris, game drives, and nature walks.


  • Enjoy a relaxing stay at one of the wonderful Zambezi lodges just upstream from the mighty Victoria Falls. 



Best of the Zambezi

This 6-night safari is based around one of the world’s oldest rivers, the Zambezi. Start the safari at Nyamatusi lodge, which is set in one of the wildest and most remote parts of Africa, on the southern banks of the Zambezi. Then head further upstream, past the mighty Victoria Falls, and into the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park to  Thorntree River Lodge, also set right on the banks of the Zambezi. Watch the drama of the river and floodplains unfold on either game drives or on the river itself with thrilling canoeing safaris and fishing (catch and release only) along the Zambezi.


Untouched Wilderness

This incredible journey takes you along the banks of the mighty Zambezi River where you can relax, rejuvenate or pump up your adrenaline. Cruise along the Zambezi River in search of crocodile, hippo and elephant and a simply dazzling array of birds. Embrace local culture at a local village nearby or gasp at the majesty of the Victoria Falls, the largest curtain of water on earth where you are able to bungee jump, white water raft or zipline. Continue your adventure into the wild Kafue National Park with four nights on the wildlife-rich plains of Busanga. For only five months of each year these infinite floodplains are host to hundreds of red lechwe, puku and the famous 'flying lions' leaping the across the channels. 


The Magic of 3 Countries

If you're seeking a safari with a rich African culture and wildlife, we have a package that combines the best of Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Zambia.
The magic of three iconic safari destinations known for contrasting landscapes, a wealth of wildlife, and a strong history of wildlife conservation. Botswana is a safari lover's dream and attracts the most discerning travellers. Zimbabwe is back on the safari map offering excellent game drives and walking safaris, and Zambia offers the natural wonder of Victoria Falls. With this journey of discovery, you have the perfect safari experience.

Crocodile, Kafue National Park Zambia



Is Zambia worth visiting?

Zambia is emerging as a preferred top travel destination. The unspoiled landscapes, incredible wildlife and remote locations are all very unique selling points for Zambia. Zambia also offers exceptional Hot Air Balloon Safaris, something which is not widely available in Southern Africa.


Is Zambia a big 5 destination?

Technically yes, it has all of the big 5, Elephant, buffalo and lion are common in the wildlife regions, however rhino are confined to only two regions within the country. Leopard are elusive no matter where you go on safari, but like anywhere else it is about being in the right place at the right time to see these incredible cats.


Should I do a river cruise while in Zambia?

If you do not include a sunset cruise on the mighty Zambezi River while you are in Zambia, you are missing out. It is an incredible experience to see the sun set over the river and watch the wildlife as they come to the river bank to drink water!


Is Zambia a safe destination?

Absolutely, like anywhere else in the world, you need to exercise normal caution, however, the people of Zambia are incredibly friendly and largely a very peaceable nation. 

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